Seven Sleepers

by you c + foresteppe

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Seven Sleepers is a long peaceful lullaby, result of collaboration between "you c" and Foresteppe. Seven Sleepers was inspired by a story about group of christian youths who hid inside a cave outside the city of Ephesus around 250 AD, to escape a persecution. There they fell into a miraculous sleep for almost two hundred years.

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"Egor Klochikhin, aka Foresteppe, has been quite busy as of lately, having released the endearing collaborative album with the family combo 231 on Spina Rec, and Split #3 with Nikita Bondarev, as well as the single Tooman on Kate Carr’s Flaming Pines series Tiny Portraits. All within the space of four months. Not content, he’s set up his own label, Shalash, a pure labour of love.

The inaugural release is the single 23 minute long track Seven Sleepers by You C, aka Bela Unclecat, a Siberian artist residing in Japan and Germany, and Foresteppe himself. Those familiar with the work of both artists will know that they favour a playful and nostalgic sound cloaked in a lo-fi patina of analog tape processing.

You C’s use of toy instruments is reminiscent of Lullatone, with its deliberately uncomplicated and seemingly naïve melodies coupled with childlike simplicity. With Seven Sleepers she lets loose with freewheeling gusto. The album artwork, by Bela Uncle Cat herself, gives the game away with a felt collage of seven mice playing the seven instruments heard on the album: piano, ukelele, zither, percussion, calimba, accordion and metallophone. Foresteppe, on the other hand, provides the trembling tape loops and the unobtrusive field recordings gathered from the Siberian landscape that collate the material by adding texture and giving it a warm and intimate feel."

"shalash (ШАΛАШ) ist noch ein sehr junges kassettenlabel, das bislang zwei releases herausgebracht hat, aber es wird in zukunft noch mehr auf sich aufmerksam machen können. das ist klar, zu sicher liegt hier der finger auf qualität. das junge unternehmen aus novosibirsk oblast in russland startete mit einem über 23 minuten lang werk namens "seven sleepers", welches von you c + foresteppe verantwortet wurde. hier haben wir egor klochikhin aka foresteppe, der bereits an vielen einspielungen, kollaborationen und auch in solo aktiv war und ist, dort haben wir bela unclecat aka you c, die aus sibirien stammt und in japan bzw. deutschland lebt. gemeinsam entwerfen sie einen zeitversetzten, antiquarischen klangraum, in dem sich singulär stehende töne zu einem kleinen kunstwerk verbinden. der release erschien neben der üblichen kassettenedition auch auf tonband und ist mittlerweile ausverkauft."

"Bela Uncle Cat (you c) and Egor Klochikhin (Foresteppe) had many releases and art projects before and you may already know well-praised Foresteppe album Diafilms as well as Bela's animations and collages she made to complete her own music creations. Now it's time for collaboration which combines love to collage music and visual art with tape looping approach and folk instrumentation. Being a first release of new born Egor's label ШАЛАШ, this album is presented in cassette tape and reel-to-reel editions, both housed in lovely handmade packaging. Once again we hear a blissful lullaby of floating sounds, starting from accordion and ukulele and ending its spectrum in subtle field recordings and recycled tape hiss. Music unfolds very slowly, gently pulling one thread after another, keeping things down and sleepy all the time. Many artists started to explore "sleep music" genre recently and usually it is some kinds of drone/ambient sounds, but this tape brings different view. Why should we record 8-hour long album if we can do just one very good 23-minute loop? And "seven sleepers" does it very well. Side B repeats the side A and if you push repeat button on your deck this tape would play forever. Or, at least, for two hundred years. I warned!"

"Егор Клочихин, человек, стоящий за проектом foresteppe, в последнее время часто радует своей работой. Год назад вышел удивительно крутой альбом Diafilms, а в ноябре вышли два сплита: с Никитой Бондаревым и проектом 231. В дополнение ко всему этому, Егор приложил руку к созданию лейбла ШАΛАШ, на котором можно купить музыку на катушках и оцифровывать бобины от зари до зари. И вот теперь ещё один сплит, на этот раз с девушкой you c, которая, как сообщается на её bandcamp, живёт на две страны и делает музыку с тремя котиками и небольшим космическим кораблём. Кстати обложку тоже она сделала, милейшая просто.

Что у Егора, что у Белы, достаточно похожие настроения в музыке: оба пытаются создать ауру ностальгии и детства, используют необычные инструменты и лоу-фай эстетику. И у каждого из них это получается замечательно. Потому не удивительно, что их получасовая совместная работа удалась на славу. Медитативный, тёплый и нежный фолк-эмбиент — именно то, чего ожидаешь от этих ребят и они ожидания оправдывают."



released February 15, 2016



all rights reserved


ШАΛАШ Berdsk, Russia

(2016 - 2016)

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